Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to the nearly 2,700 in attendance our first time out. A heartfelt thanks to some extraordinary folks who worked really hard to make this happen: Luc Stampleman, Stage Manager; Nick Poholchuck, audio engineer; Damian McDonald and Cold Spring Sound; Kelly Ellenwood, Volunteer Coordinator; our 40+ volunteers; Dan Weise, graphic design; Sommer Hixson, Media Relations; Jennifer Clair, Vendor Coordinator; the vendors; Mark Price, City of Beacon Parks and Recreation; Mayor Steve Gold; Linda Hubbard and everyone at BACA (Beacon Arts Community Association).

This was a free rock and roll concert in a city park, unlike anything that's ever been done in this location. Financially, it was made possible by a lot of great people in a community who shared a lot of faith in what was for many months little more than a notion. Thank you to everyone who took a chance on this. Our sponsors: City of Beacon, BACA, Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, WKZE 98.1 FM, Open Space Gallery, Electric Windows, The Piggy Bank Restaurant, Marion Royael Gallery, Beacon Pilates, Home Cooking NY, Royal Carting. Additionally, we held three fundraising events, two of which were concerts where not only the talent but the venue (the Howland Cultural Center) were donated. Thank you to Jen Clapp, Todd Giudice, Al Hemberger, Dan Fisherman, Art Labriola, Susan Wright, Margaret McDuffie, Jake Holmes, Creek Iversen. Thank you to Rob Penner for shooting the event; and to Mark Westin for capturing it in motion.

Thanks to the Beacon Riverfest Year One lineup. The Fleshtones, Tracy Bonham, and Yarn together served up three courses of rock.

Many others came through in all sorts of ways, flipping pancakes, writing checks, loaning equipment, supplies, hardware, and sweat. We should all feel satisfied. This sort of thing can be done here in Beacon.

Thanks to everyone who traveled to Beacon for the day. We hope you'll come back again.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the order

The music begins at 2pm, in the following order: Yarn, Tracy Bonham, The Fleshtones.

These are approximate start times:
1) 2PM yarn
2) 3:40 tracy bonham
3) 5PM fleshtones

Local music writer sums it up.

Only two days to go, and here's another fine moment in the countdown to Beacon Riverfest 2010. John Barry writes, " Beacon, a well-traveled crossroads for likely to be stomped upon once again by visitors when the city hosts its inaugural Beacon Riverfest celebration, a free concert featuring Grammy-nominated musician Tracy Bonham, rockers The Fleshtones and Brooklyn-based alt-country jam band Yarn."

Read the story.

We'll see you on Saturday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Roll Magazine

Did we mention ROLL MAGAZINE ? (This link opens the mag as a pdf)

" turns out that Beacon has been steadily developing a music scene,
thanks to Stephen Clair’s Local 845...A solid line-up for the first of
hopefully many Riverfests." Roll Magazine, June 2010, page 39.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NY Times on Beacon Riverfest

Sunday June 13 2010

In the Westchester Arts Section

Now the summer festival season around here is officially official.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We did it, folks

A quick shout out to say that as of Sunday night, we reached our KICKSTARTER goal of $2,000. Thank you again to all the backers who pledged.

Beacon Riverfest in the current issues of:

Hudson Valley Magazine



...and ... Broadway World

And here we are. It's June 2010. Time to rock this thing. Send your friends to Beacon Riverfest. They can become fans of Beacon Riverfest on Facebook. They can also sign up to get updates.

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