Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't know about you but I am like all bagel-madness right now

hey. there's a lot to do in this town. and i know you might be wondering what i'll be up to this weekend, so here's what i'm thinking. it's kind of like a list of stuff that i think would be cool to check out, and i totally will if my wife says it's ok. i should start resting up now if i really want to do all this, but that'll probably never happen, so i've already taken twice the usual amount of b complex. come find me or let me know where you'll be.

friday may 7

friday night is easy. you go to the piggy bank. good free music and stuff to drink. buddy traina will be at the piggy bank playing some music from 8 to 11.

saturday may 8

in the morning, there's my daughter's dance class, it's not really in beacon, more like fishkill, but it's what i'm doing

then there's hanging out at common ground farm at stonykill, also not quite in beacon, but close

the craft stand at bank sq gets started today. will have to score last-minute mother's day gifties here or land in major doghouse

erica hauser & ian wickstead talk about stuff at the beacon institute in the afternoon and i don't want to miss that

later in the afternoon i want to check out the clear light ensemble @ school of jellyfish

champions of breakfast i think will be totally worth seeing @ gallery g and there might be stuff to eat or drink and there's furniture you can actually nap on

then, dandy lions are going to play music at blackbird attic and i admit this announcement probably fills you with as much intrigue as it does me

i'll be playing songs at 9 at beahive. it's their anniversary + a community cat coalition to-do and fundraiser. a regular mixer deal

at midnight I'm pumped for late-night carbo-loading at beacon bagel, which is so freaking rock and roll

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