Sunday, April 11, 2010

Advance Ticket Alert

Last week, we began to let the world know about Beacon Riverfest. We let the cats out of their respective bags, announcing the bands, launching press releases into the eventosphere. We followed up. We're following up. It's amazing what can happen when you unleash a thing.

We announced the bands, and we turned around and got a couple more sponsors. Traction! Momentum! I put a down payment on the stage rental. Full speed ahead, y'all! This s%#^'s fo'real. But there is still more, much more, ever so muchly more money to raise.

That is a good reason why we are having this LAUNCH PARTY/CONCERT on April 30 which you need to be at. This event also features a pretty awesome lineup—only this lineup will be on stage together for most of the night, a sort of local ALL STAR BAND, if you will. We kicked off this whole BEACON RIVERFEST project with a similar concert/fundraiser last November—and the night was a downright religious experience. Please plan on being there at the Howland Center on Friday April 30. The Howland Center is very generously DONATING the space, and the musicians are donating their time and talent, which means every cent that comes in the door goes toward Beacon Riverfest.

It filled up last time, so we encourage you to purchase tickets in advance. Not only is it easy to buy tickets online, but you can also save five bucks. You can purchase them at You can do it right now. Click on LAUNCH PARTY TIX.

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